some dude who looked like Eric Harris

tried 2 finger me at a party & keeps texting me & saying he wants me to sit on his face. columbiners, cum get ur man




I don’t usually make posts like this, nor do I EVER try to discourage anyone from writing anybody. However, I have had many young girls private message me telling me they have sent TJ Lane mail, and in turn heard back from a guy, Steven Brigner, claiming he is TJ’s friend.
Brigner tells…


Anonymous said: ahahaha I <3 you. your columbine/holmie/jahar posts are great. keep tellin that truth

hehe thanks, i will when im not as busy 

Anonymous said: also just an observation as I go thru your posts and read about how these delusional teenagers condemned the newtown shooting bc children were know they're really only condemning it bc adam lanza isn't cute/looks like a fucking muppet

lmao ya pretty much i think there’s only 1/2 lanza stans cause he look someone eats his own pubes. 

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Anonymous said: As soon as I heard about the bitches on that dzhokhar d, I was like shit qtcunt is gonna have fun with this one! Love ya

lmao, ya until i get bored again<3333 

& 2 all my followers, be sure 2 be on the lookout for the debut of the new International Collection from Angry White Teen™ featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 

Anonymous said: What the hell? Some bitches, man. I can't believe that girl. I'm actually emotionally scarred. I am from Boston. I live here. I watched the bombings happen right out there in the street. I heard screaming and saw people running. I watched the first responders act. I still cry at night because I remember the sheer terror surrounding me. I was on lockdown. I was afraid for the lives of people I've never met. I'm not mad at you. I just need people to know.

i’m really sorry you had to go through that. the internet has made it so people can distance themselves from the reality of a tragedy. people don’t want to believe that a young person is capable of this type of violence & while that can be a normal response, the shit you see on tumblr has really taken it to another level. there has always been & will always be supporters of murderers, rapists, etc. but tumblr is mostly comprised of younger people who, despite their claims not to, support young men like dzhokar tsarnaev because of an attraction or similarities they see in them to themselves. ignore it. 

Lol let me guess, you groupie hoes are now cryin over jahar possibly facing the death penalty


So which excuse do yall wanna use, that hes mentally ill or that he was coerced into it?

for now they’re going the “it’s the government” route but once his ass is in the sentencing phase, they’ll switch over 2 the mentally ill claim

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